Cyber Operations

  • Budgeting for cybersecurity is between difficult and impossible.
  • Finding experienced cyber warriors to staff your SOC is currently difficult and rapidly nearing impossible.
  • A veritable tsunami of alerts now hits the SOC team on a daily basis.
  • The Insider Threat attackers have much more inside info than an external attacker.
  • Data Integrity & Intelligence Management there is the challenge of standardization for the purpose of effective information sharing

We build dedicated teams at the customer site to mitigate threats. This allows these businesses to access a full team of experienced cybersecurity professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring them full-time internally.

We assist to implement Zero Trust technologies with the right automation will not only stop malicious activity, such as internal network reconnaissance, but they will bring a sharp and immediate focus to the attackers. Rather than focusing on just perimeter defence, the successful SOC team will also devote significant resources to Zero Trust best practices.

It is recommended that SOC leaders focus on obtaining information from known and trusted sources, thereby narrowing volume and eliminating unnecessary noise, which we can manage. From there, they should prioritize and address the data that is deemed to be relevant to their particular environments.