Data Protection

  • The Growth of Data is Exponential data breaches, reports nearly 9,198,580,293 data records are now lost or stolen since 2013.
  • Cost of Maintaining Data Privacythat the total average cost of a breach cost in 2017 was $3.62 million
  • An Advanced Technology Landscape – IoT and Mobile
  • Prevention Against Internal Leaks It is not enough to protect your data from only external intruders. You might be vulnerable from the inside too.
  • Comply with Security RegulationsOver 50 countries have active data protection laws that organizations must comply with or pay hefty penalties as fines.

Classifying data is often seen as a formidable challenge in DLP. A simple, scalable approach is to classify by context; associating a classification with the source application, data store, or user who created the data. Applying persistent classification tags to the data allows organizations to track its use.

For data distributed to user devices, or shared with partners, customers and the supply chain, different risks are present. In these cases, the data is often at highest risk at the moment of use on endpoints.

Once an organization understands the circumstances under which data is moved, user training can often mitigate the risk of accidental data loss by insiders. Employees often don’t recognize that their actions can result in data loss, and will self-correct when educated. A successful pilot will also provide lessons for expanding the program. Over time, a larger percentage of your sensitive information will be included, with minimal disruption to business processes.