Threat Identification and Mitigation

  • Unknown Assets on the Network.
  • Abuse of User Account Privileges.
  • Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities.
  • A Lack of Defence in Depth.
  • Not Enough IT Security Management

We conduct a review of all the devices on your network and identify all of the various platforms they run. By doing this, you can know what all of the different access points are on your network and which ones are most in need of security updates.

We minimize your risk in case of an insider attack by closely working with you implement a policy of least privilege (POLP) when it comes to user access, you can limit the damage that a misused user account can do maintain a strict schedule for keeping up with security patches. Also, gradually changing the programs and operating systems on your network to make them the same can simplify this process

We help in structuring with strong segmentation to keep all of its discrete parts separate, this slows down potential threats to keep them out of vital systems while your security team works to identify, contain, and eliminate the breach.