Security Orchestration

  • Increasing Volumes of Security Alerts
  • Management of Numerous Security Tools
  • Ignoring Important Security Alerts
  • Manual processes hindered security incident and vulnerability response times.
  • Limited visibility into security posture

We assist SOCs of all sizes to improve their efficiency and effectiveness while getting the most out of their existing security tools. By bringing together disparate security tools and the processes surrounding them we help security teams make more informed decisions, formalize workflows and automate incident response actions.

We can help making sense of information from disparate sources that can slow down even the most experienced analyst. We integrate the security tools you use most, apply algorithms to data from across your ecosystem and enrich alerts with the context required for effective case management and informed decision making.

Orchestration and Automation work together to make security operations more effective and efficient. Repetitive, manual tasks eat into a SOC’s most valuable resource - time. We enable teams to easily adapt playbooks for different threat use cases, so a SOC can implement their ideal blend of fully automated and analyst-led processes.